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Stoned Tigers is a membership club! Consisting of 2,222 unique NFTs that brings together surf, weed & chill lovers, all in one place!

To become a member purchase our NFT  from

Magic Eden marketplace

🐯 Holders Benefits 🐯

Poker Nights

Poker Night | Every Sunday 100-300 people playing weekly

Tetris Tournament

Tetris Tournament | 42+ prizes 🤯🚀 Next time will be even more 🐯

Chess Tournament

Chess Tournament | NFTs in prizes & a great company to hang out with

Metaverse hang outs

Frequent Metaverse hangouts with lots of fun activities

Scary Tiger Night

Scary Tiger Night To shake off our bones

Stoned Tigers

Network of 20,000+ like minded people And much more!

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Stoned Tigers Ecosystem

Stoned Tigers event pass

1st NFT ever created for our ecosystem! Collected by Luna Lover

Valentine Tiger

It was a FREE claim during the Valentine's day for Stoned Tigers holders.

Christmas Tiger

It was a FREE Christmas airdrop claim for Stoned Tigers holders

Stoned Tigers Surf Club

NFT Collection of 10 unique 3D models of Stoned Tigers Surfboards. That can be integrated into the metaverse & block-chain games

Stoned Tigers

2,222 unique NFTs, that gives the holders access to private Club & IRL hang outs

Meta Ukulele Club

Collection of 25 unique 3D models of Ukuleles. That can be integrated into the metaverse.

New Project (16).png

Bringing together 20 NFT artists to showcase their amazing creations in our gallery!

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